Television Market in China 2012

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Market Scenario

The Television market in China is one of the most aggressively growing sectors in China. China is expected to emerge as the leading manufacturer of flat panel television units in the world. The report begins with a timeline description on the evolution of the television technology over the years. It is followed by a brief description of the different types of technology utilized by the television units. The market overview section provides a snapshot on the global television market. It also includes the growth figures of global television sales along with worldwide LCD and LED television sales. The section also includes an overview of the television market in China. It highlights the growth figures for annual television sales in China along with projected figures for installed television base and the rate of flat panel television penetration in China. The report provides detailed information about the exports and imports of television units in terms of both value and volume. It provides country-wise import and export data for the year 2010, highlighting major countries importing from China. The drivers explain the factors influencing the growth of the television market in China in detail. The key drivers identified include government subsidies, rising population and urbanization, rising disposable income, growth in retail chain, rise in online shopping, extensive usage of plastic money and changing lifestyles. Major challenges which impedes the development and growth of the television market has also been covered and includes rising labour costs, rise in online media and rapid technological development. Key initiatives taken by the government include promoting technology transfer and research & development. It also includes an overview of the subsidy programs introduced by the government in order to boost the growth of the television market in China. The television market in China is witnessing emerging trends that are of marked importance to the market. Emerging trends in the television market covered in the report include rising penetration in low tier cities, mergers and joint ventures and technology innovation. The report contains a brief analysis of the competitive landscape of the television market in China. This section provides a three dimensional analysis of the key players' revenues, profits and market capitalization. The report also features brief profiles of the major domestic and foreign players in the market and a snapshot of their corporation, financial performance and business highlights thus providing an insight into the existing competitive scenario. Key takeaway section summarizes the entire market in terms of opportunities, challenges and competitive landscape persisting in the television market in China. Key statistical figures relevant to the study include Global TV sales growth 2009-10, China TV sales growth 2010-15 (projected), flat panel TV penetration in China, Exports and Imports trend 2007-10, urban and rural installation base, population growth, disposable income, consumer spending, retail sales growth, online retail sales growth, labour costs, internet population, IPTV growth etc.

Table of Contents

Page 1: Executive Summary Introduction Page 2: Technology development - timeline Page 3 - 4: Evolution of television units Market Overview Page 5: Global television market - Overview, growth of global television sales, LCD television sales, LED television sales Page 6: China television market - Overview, annual television sales, flat panel television penetration rate, installed television base Exports & Imports Page 7-8: Import and Export Data under HS Code 852871 & 852872- Growth in Exports (2007 - 2010), Growth in Imports (2007 - 2010), Drivers & Challenges Page 9: Summary Page 10- 16: Drivers Page 17- 19: Challenges Government Initiatives Page 20: Technology development -Government policies Page 21: Home Appliance to the Countryside Subsidy Program Page 22: Timeline description of Home Appliance to the Countryside Subsidy Program Page 23: Old for New Subsidy Program Trends Page 24: Summary Page 25 -27: Trends Competition Page 28: Domestic Competition Summary - Revenue, net income and market capitalization Page 29: Domestic Competition Summary - Key players revenue and profit Page 30- 37: Profile of Major Domestic Players in the Market Page 38- 44: Profile of Major Foreign Players in the Market Key Takeaway Page 45: Key Takeaways


This research report involves complete picture of the market with the help of in-depth secondary and primary research. This research report studies several aspects of the market and analyze vital industry influencers. Extensive secondary research has been conducted using paid as well as open access data sources in order to gather information on the market and parent market. These key findings are then analyzed and validated with the help of in-house data models and primary discussions with key industry participants and experts across the value chain


Research Tools and Models

  • Top-Down Approach and Bottom-Up Approach
  • QFD Modeling for Market Size and Share Calculation
  • Regression, Variable and Impact Analysis
  • Penetration Modeling

Qualitative Research

  • It comprises briefing about market dynamics and business opportunities and strategies.
  • Finally, all the research findings are validated through interviews with in-house industry experts, freelance consultants and key opinion leaders etc.

Quantitative Research

It involves various mathematical tools, models, projection, and sampling techniques. It involves following steps:

  • Identification of market variables and market size derivation
  • Assessment of future prospects, opportunities and market penetration rates by analyzing product commercialization, regional trends etc.
  • Evaluation historical market trends and derivation of present and future year-on-year growth trends

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