Global Blockchain Technology Market (2014-2022)

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Market Scenario

Global Blockchain Technology Market Blockchain technology is being used increasingly in the Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) segment for financial transactions and cross-border payments. In the banking and financial sector, it is utilized to secure payments, maintain customer identities, settle cross-border payments, etc. The global Blockchain market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 42.8% (2017-2022), resulting in a global revenue of USD 13.96 billion by 2022. Blockchain technology is also employed in the healthcare sector, supply chain management, energy, media, informatics, etc. BFS,I however, holds the largest share while Blockchain in retail industry under supply chain management is the fastest growing sector. The Blockchain Technology market is further classified into three main types based on its users’ accessibilities – Public Blockchain Technology, Private Blockchain Technology and Mixed Blockchain Technology. Public Blockchain technology rules the roost. The US dominates in Blockchain patents application. About half of the total Blockchain patents applied are primarily for financial applications. Key growth factors Financial Technology (FinTech) companies are planning to invest a part of their total investment in the distributed ledge technology, i.e., Blockchain. The decentralized nature of the technology attracts the banking sector to adopt it. The Blockchain technology market is expected to exhibit swift growth owing to less time consumption and its transparent nature that also requires less transaction costs. Threats and key players Even though the Blockchain market is expected to grow globally, there still a lack of awareness, regulation problems and clashes of ideology that hinders its adoption. Some of the Blockchain technology providers in the Blockchain market are Microsoft Corporation, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, etc. What’s covered in the report? 1. Overview of the Blockchain technology market 2. Current and forecast market size data for Global BFS, Insurance, supply-chain, healthcare, others 3. Current and forecasted regional (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa) market size data for Blockchain technology market 4. Current and forecasted market size data for Global Public, Private, Mixed Blockchain technology 5. Analysis of company profiles of major public and private players operating in the market 6. Blockchain Technology patent analysis 7. Key Opportunity for Blockchain technology market 8. Market Trends in global Blockchain technology market Why buy? 1. Get a broad understanding of the Blockchain technology application in BFS, Insurance separately along with its use in Supply Chain Management, healthcare, others 2. Get Region-specific drivers and challenges affecting the Global Blockchain Technology market 3. Recognize significant competitors' business and market dynamics, and respond accordingly Customizations Available With the given market data, Research on Global Markets offers customizations according to specific needs. Write to us at

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Executive Summary 1.1 Market Scope and Segmentation 1.2 Key Questions Answered in This Study 1.3 Executive Summary I 1.4 Executive Summary II Chapter 2: Introduction 2.1. Blockchain technology-Functionality 2.2. Blockchain Application 2.3. Blockchain use cases 2.4. Value chain-Blockchain technology market Chapter 3: Blockchain technology Market overview 3.1. Global-Market Overview 3.2. Blockchain technology Market adoption 3.3. Global-Market Trend Chapter 4: Regional Overview 4.1. North America-Market Overview 4.2. Europe-Market Overview 4.3. Asia Pacific-Market Overview 4.4. Latin America-Market Overview 4.5. Middle East & Africa-Market Overview Chapter 5: Segmentation Overview By Industry 5.1. Major Industry Overview-Global 5.1.1. Major Industry Overview-North America 5.1.2. Major Industry Overview-Europe 5.1.3. Major Industry Overview-Asia Pacific 5.1.4. Major Industry Overview-Latin America 5.1.5. Major Industry Overview-Middle East & Africa Chapter 6: Segmentation Overview By Type 6.1. Market Overview By type Chapter 7: Patent Analysis 7.1. Patent Overview 7.2. Patents Application by Top Companies 7.3. Patent analysis- Geographical Presence 7.4. Patent Distribution based on Platform 7.5. Patent Distribution based on Ledger Type 7.6. Patent Distribution based on Authentication/Validation 7.7. Patent Distribution based on Blockchain Technology Application Chapter 8: Company Profiles 8.1. Microsoft Corporation -Company Snapshot -Key People -Financial Standing -Blockchain Offering - Focus Area -Recent Initiatives -Key Verticals -Geographical presence 8.2. IBM -Company Snapshot -Key People -Financial Standing -Blockchain Offering - Focus Area -Recent Initiatives -Key Verticals -Geographical presence 8.3. Accenture -Company Snapshot -Key People -Financial Standing -Blockchain Offering - Focus Area -Recent Initiatives -Key Verticals -Geographical presence 8.4. Deloitte -Company Snapshot -Key People -Financial Standing -Blockchain Offering - Focus Area -Recent Initiatives -Key Verticals -Geographical presence 8.5. Capgemini -Company Snapshot -Key People -Financial Standing -Blockchain Offering - Focus Area -Recent Initiatives -Key Verticals -Geographical presence 8.6. Cognizant -Company Snapshot -Key People -Financial Standing -Blockchain Offering - Focus Area -Recent Initiatives -Key Verticals -Geographical presence 8.7. Infosys -Company Snapshot -Key People -Financial Standing -Blockchain Offering - Focus Area -Recent Initiatives -Key Verticals -Geographical presence 8.8. Tata Communication Services -Company Snapshot -Key People -Financial Standing -Blockchain Offering - Focus Area -Recent Initiatives -Key Verticals -Geographical presence 8.9. VirtusaPolaris -Company Snapshot -Key People -Financial Standing -Blockchain Offering - Focus Area -Recent Initiatives -Key Verticals -Geographical presence 8.10. Wipro -Company Snapshot -Key People -Financial Standing -Blockchain Offering - Focus Area -Recent Initiatives -Key Verticals -Geographical presence Chapter 9: Start-up Company Overview 9.1. Chain (*) -Overview -Key People -Investor -Client/Partners -Recent Initiatives (*) similar information is provided for all the below companies 9.2. Consensys 9.3. R3 CEV 9.4. Ripple 9.5. Guardtime 9.6. Gem 9.7. Everledger 9.8. Ascribe Chapter 10: Conclusion 10.1. Blockchain Opportunity 10.2. Conclusion Chapter 11: Appendix 11.1. List of Tables 11.2. Research Methodology 11.3. Assumptions 11.4. About Netscribes Inc.


This research report involves complete picture of the market with the help of in-depth secondary and primary research. This research report studies several aspects of the market and analyze vital industry influencers. Extensive secondary research has been conducted using paid as well as open access data sources in order to gather information on the market and parent market. These key findings are then analyzed and validated with the help of in-house data models and primary discussions with key industry participants and experts across the value chain


Research Tools and Models

  • Top-Down Approach and Bottom-Up Approach
  • QFD Modeling for Market Size and Share Calculation
  • Regression, Variable and Impact Analysis
  • Penetration Modeling

Qualitative Research

  • It comprises briefing about market dynamics and business opportunities and strategies.
  • Finally, all the research findings are validated through interviews with in-house industry experts, freelance consultants and key opinion leaders etc.

Quantitative Research

It involves various mathematical tools, models, projection, and sampling techniques. It involves following steps:

  • Identification of market variables and market size derivation
  • Assessment of future prospects, opportunities and market penetration rates by analyzing product commercialization, regional trends etc.
  • Evaluation historical market trends and derivation of present and future year-on-year growth trends

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